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Privacy Policy

Our company (Defytime Science Ltd) seriously respects the privacy of our users and exercises extreme care in order to protect the personal information of our users. How our company handles our customers’ information is explained below.

1.Personal information protection system
  • We have created and maintain a system designed to properly protect user information. We have also established a compliance program, which is continually implemented and updated, that requires board members and employees to protect personal information.

2. Managing personal information security
  • We are careful that users' personal information is managed securely when acquiring, using, storing and canceling/deleting said information, and we ensure that the information will not be leaked nor wrongly accessed.

3. Clarifying the purpose of use
  • When acquiring personal information, we clarify its intended purpose of use along with who has access to it, and then either inform or publicly disclose said purpose of use to the user. We will not use your personal information for any purpose outside the scope of that required to fulfill the specified purpose of use.

4. Handling of inquires and requests for the disclosure, change, or stoppage of use of personal information
  • If a user contacts us about the handling of their personal information or requests that we disclose, change, or stop using their personal information, we will handle their inquiry or request quickly and properly after first verifying their identity.

5. Complaints on the handling of personal information
  • Should you wish to access, correct or delete your personal information held by us or enquire about our privacy policy and practice, please contact us by email to info@defytime.jp or by post to Defytime Science Ltd Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology 3A Symonds St Auckland